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The day after the election I said to a friend, without much conviction: “Only 1,461 days.  We can do that.”  My friend suggested counting moons, not days, because it would make the time go faster.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, the moon will wax and wane 49 times in Donald Trump’s presidency.  Alaska is the 49th state.  So, you see, 49 Moons pretty much invented itself that day.  
49 Moons is not just about surviving.  It is about refusing to accept hate-driven and truth-denying rhetoric and policies as valid differences of opinion.  We can’t let these views become the new normal.
Politics has taken a dark turn.  But each of us has the opportunity to respond with action, however large or small, that is inclusive, generous, truthful, courageous, and compassionate.  To that end, and with your help, 49 Moons will dedicate each new moon of the Trump presidency to celebrating and advancing our most cherished values.


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